Kevin Flynn

Kevin has spent his whole life in Lincoln County except for the 4 years he spent away at college. He attended the University of Missouri in Columbia and received his Bachelor’s degree Agricultural Education. While attending college Kevin also met his wife Kathy and later had 6 children.

Kevin’s first career was in crop and hog farming. After a few years of 18% interest, crop drought, low prices, livestock disease he called it quits and went into the insurance business and never looked back.

Kevin & Kathy worked long hours to build the business, adding employees as needed or as opportunity arose, all while raising a family. Kevin has three living children, two of them living here in Troy. Kelly, a high school teacher and the oldest, lives in Kansas City with three children of her own. Kasey, a kindergarten teacher, lives in Troy and has 3 children. Kelsey attended college and then returned to the office to work as a commercial producer.

“Helping people and making money sure beats my original occupation in farming in the late 70’s and 80’s” said Kevin. He also stated that “After 33 years in business it is still fun”.