Kathy Flynn

Owner/Office Manager
Kathy was born in Boonville, Missouri and was raised across the river in New Franklin. Raised on a farm with 4 other siblings was a true benefit in her life. Hard work and perseverance was the name of the game living on a farm. It was the mold to the life that she leads now. Kathy graduated high school and attended one year at the University of Missouri in Columbia. Not knowing what she wanted as a career, she decided to take a break from study and work on campus. While working in the Agronomy Department, she met and married Kevin Flynn from Troy.

They moved to Silex intending on farming, but in the 1980’s it became difficult to make a living for their family. They opened K. Flynn Insurance Agency in 1982, the same year their first daughter was born. This is where perseverance came into play, it was important to work so they could make an income. Kevin and Kathy together worked in the office every day to build the business with one goal in mind, to have a good business to offer to the community for the rest of their lives, this was more important than the income. Through the years, they had six children, three of which were lost to Muscular Dystrophy. Kevin & Kathy’s three living children are married, two of them living here in Troy. Kelly, a high school teacher and the oldest, lives in Kansas City with three children of her own. Kasey, a kindergarten teacher, lives in Troy and has 2 children. Kelsey attended college but returned to the office to work as a commercial producer and to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Through the years, Kathy was involved in several organizations but mostly with organizations that involved Sacred Heart School; this is where her children attended. Currently, she is on the board for the Rise Above Foundation, an organization that provides mentoring and scholarships for at risk high school graduates in Lincoln County. Kathy now works evenings at K. Flynn Insurance as her daily schedule through the school year involves caring for two of her five grandchildren. Kathy is grateful for the community and what they offer to the residents, as well as, the support through the years of building their business.