Bobbie Caruthers

Office Administrator / Group Benefits
The Person
Bobbie was born in Missouri and that’s where she spent the first few years of her life. After a few years living Bloomsdale, her parents moved them to the gulf coast for her father’s career. She did most of her growing up near Mobile. That’s where she met Ronnie, the man who would become her husband.

She got married in 1990 and then moved to Tennessee.

While living in Tennessee she had 3 babies, all of them boys.

In 2006 Bobbie moved to Troy, Missouri, where she resides today. Since moving back to Missouri one of her boys has left the nest and she has gained a granddaughter. Although she has visited many states, she has found her home in Missouri.

At home she enjoys gardening and redecorating in her free time. When she can get away, she loves traveling.

The Student
She dropped out of High School but she continued her education and achieved her GED. Wanting to be a nurse she started her secondary education.
Soon she found Radiology to be more to her liking. While working for a chiropractor, she obtained an x-ray license and continued her studies in Radiology.
Once again she reached a fork in the road and chose a new path. She changed her major to Business Administration where she received an AAS. Her thirst for knowledge was not quenched so she resumed her education and completed her Bachelors in Finance.

The Worker
Bobbie has been in Accounting/Administration for over 16 years.
She has been at K. Flynn Insurance Agency since 2010, where she is an Office Administrator and deals with Group Benefits. She has been providing administrative support directly for the company owner. She also performs accounting duties and service group health insurance on several key accounts. She has worked on various advertising campaigns keeping the agency’s name in the public’s awareness.

Since she has been at K. Flynn Insurance Agency she has obtained her Insurance License and has assisted in several projects to assist non-profit organizations.